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Our two-month course is our most popular and acclaimed offering. We run this program several times throughout the year, and it is designed to prepare students for both the SAT and ACT (click here for more details on this approach). Our small group classes allow students to learn and practice in a supervised setting that simulates actual test conditions. And because the review is comprehensive, we’re able to drastically limit the amount of homework students need to do on their own. Below are some of the features that make the CapEd course uniquely successful:

Combining Strategy and Content: We review foundational math, reading, writing, and science content that targets the tests and improves academic skills. At the same time, students learn innovative test-taking techniques that dramatically improve scores and pacing. 

Targeted Approach: When we form classes, we group students into small sections according to their scores and strengths. That way, we are able to cover the appropriate material at the optimal pace. We never group more than 10 students per instructor, and our average class size is closer to 8 students—this allows us to maximize personal attention and realize the best score improvements around.

Diagnostic Testing: The course features 5 full-length diagnostic tests that we administer under standard, proctored conditions to ensure that students are well prepared for test day. For students with different learning needs who qualify for extended time, we are able to administer these diagnostics with appropriate accommodations. And for all students, tests are scored with sophisticated software that tracks individual strengths and weaknesses.

Optional Sessions: If a student has to miss a required weekend meeting, there is always a midweek opportunity to catch-up. The course also includes optional midweek extra helps for students who would like to fine tune in any particular area.

Dynamic Instructors: Our staff is uniquely gifted at teaching SAT/ACT material. Instructors have been handpicked from hundreds of applicants throughout the Baltimore-Washington area. Each scored extraordinarily well on his or her standardized tests. Many are graduate and undergraduate students from top universities who remember what it was like to prepare for these exams and can relate to student needs.

To get more information about our courses, please call one of our directors at 301-881-7700 in the Washington area, 410-532-9400 in the Baltimore area, or email us.