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Sent: Wednesday, January 28, 2009 9:13 PM 

Subject: Re: SAT/ACT prep course - recommendations?

In response to your question about test prep in the area, I have a definite opinion.

We used Capital Educators and my sons enjoyed the classes…One other wonderful thing about Capital Educators, besides the fact that they group ability ranges so the classes are more tailored to your child's pace, is Phil Pine (the owner) himself. After the course was over, Phil gave his time freely, advised me through both of my boys' college app processes (I had lots of questions), and worked with my younger son to raise that stubborn score he needed, all without additional charge. Phil was incredibly helpful, patient, and knowledgeable no matter what strategy questions I came at him with, and steadfastly refused any payment above the cost of the course.

So, CapEd got my boys great scores and Phil was available for anything after that that we needed. I know he has done the same for others. I am a big fan.

Mrs. Beth, Montgomery County MD 


Dear Debbie Pine,

I just wanted to let you and all of Capital Educators know that I was absolutely thrilled with both the SAT and Subject Test Courses. My beginning score (on reading + math) was 1040, and I currently have a 1360. I couldn't have done that alone…and I credit your course with all of my improvements. I can’t tell you how thankful I am, because a 1040 would not have put me in the best position for applying to colleges. I really enjoyed the classes and have recommended your course to everyone I know. I thought that you really went the extra mile to provide everything like extra help sessions and even a personal good luck phone call. I wish more companies had the kind of attitude towards their customers that you have.

Thank you very much,
Elizabeth, Washington, DC


Dear Capital Educators,

I went up 230 points on the PSAT! That’s RIDICULOUS!!! I’m really excited because I’m hoping that’s good enough for some sort of National Merit Scholarship qualification. It's so fantastic to see how much I grew through the Capital Educators course. I can’t thank you enough.

The skills and experience I gained through this course really gave me the confidence to do well on the test. Every aspect of the course worked. The teachers were enthusiastic about their material. They were relatable, sweet, and funny. And they were very concerned and involved. The whole program was just so strong and it was such a comfort to know that you guys were there if I had questions or concerns.

I have been recommending CapEd to all of my friends and will definitely continue to do so with total enthusiasm. I mean, if I have to spend my Sunday afternoons in a classroom, it would totally be (with you guys).

Julie, Baltimore, MD