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09 Sep 2022

August SAT Scores Are Available

Students who took the official SAT on August 27th should have access to their scores as early as September 9th.  Once you receive those results, please email your Site Director to share the news with us!

02 Sep 2022

Fall Classes Begin After Labor Day Weekend

As listed on student schedules, our first fall classes begin over the weekend of September 10th/11th. If you have any questions about our schedule, please contact us!



01 Sep 2022

Register now for the Official SAT and ACT

The College Board has opened its registration for the November/December exams, and the ACT has opened its registration for the October/December tests. You can register for the SAT here and for the ACT here.

19 Jan 2021

Optional Essay and Subject Tests Eliminated

The College Board has announced that, effective in June 2021, it will no longer offer an optional essay on the SAT. This is no great disappointment to most students! And effective immediately, the College Board has ended its Subject Test program. Previously known to parents as "Achievement Tests," these exams are no longer being administered in the United States. These announcements come as little surprise, as the number of colleges requiring the essay and Subject Tests has dropped precipitously over the past several years. Educators and counselors are wondering whether this will put an even greater premium on Advanced Placement exams. Stay tuned!