Our Unique Approach

We have several key course features which allow us to cater to the needs of our students.

  • Small Group Classes: When we form classes, we group students into small sections according to their scores and strengths. That way, we are able to cover the appropriate blend of content and strategy at the optimal pace. We never group more than 10 students per instructor, and our average class size is closer to 8 students—this allows us to maximize personal attention and realize the best score improvements around.


  • Diagnostic Testing: The course features 5 full-length diagnostic tests that we administer under standard, proctored conditions to ensure that students are well prepared for test day.  Accordingly, our Diagnostic SATs are administered digitally, and our Diagnostic ACTs are administered with paper and pencil.  For students with different learning needs who qualify for extended time, we are able to administer all of our tests with accommodations. And for all students, tests are scored with sophisticated software that tracks individual performance.


  • Optional Sessions: If a student has to miss a required weekend meeting, there is always a midweek opportunity to catch-up. The course also includes optional midweek extra help hours for students who would like to fine tune in any particular area.


  • Dynamic Instructors: Our staff is uniquely gifted at teaching test prep material. Instructors have been handpicked from hundreds of applicants throughout the Baltimore-Washington area. Each scored extraordinarily well in high school and brings enthusiasm and charisma into the classroom. 


  • ACT Add-On:  After taking the official SAT at the end of the course, our students are invited to take a Diagnostic ACT with us for comparative purposes. After that exam, some will choose to join us for our ACT Add-On-- 4 final sessions over two weekends that target those topics that are unique to the ACT--Science content, additional math topics, and pacing strategy.  


How Do These Features Translate Virtually?

Since March 2020, we have conducted online courses in virtual classrooms with great success. All online instruction is delivered live over Zoom.  While the online course is substantively identical to the in-person one, we've made a few updates to maximize the platform, including utilizing polls, chat, and screensharing to evaluate every student's progress in real time. The upshot is a a truly interactive environment in which students genuinely enjoy the learning process.

Classroom Testimonials

-"The Capital Educators system is well-organized and experiential; leadership and staff are effective, polite, and engaging; and our son’s work with them had a successful outcome. They encouraged him to draw upon his strengths and overcome potential challenges, and continued the process through the SAT where he notably bettered his PSAT score. They also coached him before a subsequent SAT in which he earned an even higher score. We were delighted with this experience and highly recommend Capital Educators for their superb approach to test preparation."

-"I really like how the classes meet twice per week, and I really like the online games the teachers have used to teach material (Pictionary, Charades, Kahoot)."

-"My teacher was fantastic! He has continuously offered to go above and beyond and help us as much as possible outside of class. He is an amazing teacher and mentor."

-"I loved my teacher! It's obvious that she really cares about us and how we are doing in class, on the test, and in general.  She gives you confidence and is always willing to help you inside and outside of class."

-"My daughter had a productive and valuable experience with the (in-person) summer class.  The classes provided individualization and a wide range of review. She also received one-on-one advice during a conference session which provided invaluable tips specified to her needs.  The follow up zoom classes gave a helpful review as the test neared."